Throw Your Fears Into the Fire….

February 14, 2015 Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoying the weekend as always. If you're wondering what this post is all about, I'm gonna tell you. A few weeks ago I received an email from a lady name Heather Von St. James.    At the age of 36, not long after the birth of her daughter Lily, Heather … Continue reading Throw Your Fears Into the Fire….


Knocking At Stroke’s Door….

January 31, 2015 Hey....How is everyone doing? Great and happy that the weekend is here! I live for weekends. I finally went to the doctor a few weeks ago....I'm not the person who likes to go to the doctor, but I need to go. Before, I never could afford to go, but now I can. … Continue reading Knocking At Stroke’s Door….

Halloween Is Just Another Day……

October 31, 2014 Friday and it's October 31. Halloween.....who cares.  There was time as a child  Halloween was the time to dress up  To be who we wanted to be....just for a day It was fun, trick-or-treating down the neighborhood Collecting candy and eating a few along the way But we took the time to … Continue reading Halloween Is Just Another Day……