I Refuse to Worry…..

July 25, 2015   A regular work week has passed and I'm glad. I'm always happy when the weekend is here. Even thought I only worked four days, it still kinda feels like a worked a full five days. Worry. That's what we do best and we try not to do, but unfortunately we do. … Continue reading I Refuse to Worry…..

Late Bloomer

July 13, 2015 It's been awhile since I last wrote. I had two deaths in the family. A first cousin on my maternal grandfather's side and a another on my maternal grandmother's....on the same day! It was a sad occasion, but one thing I loved about it, spending time with family and that is a … Continue reading Late Bloomer

David & Floree Adams…..You Are Missed

February¬†28, 2015 Just wanted to put this into words, short, but sweet.   To my late maternal grandparents David and Floree Adams......you are missed. Not a day goes by that we think of you, the memories you have left behind The months of January and February are the hardest, because these months are your birth … Continue reading David & Floree Adams…..You Are Missed