Doctor’s Appointments……

June 14, 2015 Last Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. It seems my readings from the last blood work indicated that my liver was abnormal. What does that mean? Well, that couldn't be answered so on June 11, I had to go to St. Francis for digestive disorder. Digestive Disorder? Really? The doctor there, who … Continue reading Doctor’s Appointments……


Knocking At Stroke’s Door….

January 31, 2015 Hey....How is everyone doing? Great and happy that the weekend is here! I live for weekends. I finally went to the doctor a few weeks ago....I'm not the person who likes to go to the doctor, but I need to go. Before, I never could afford to go, but now I can. … Continue reading Knocking At Stroke’s Door….


October 12, 2013 I'm listening to previews of Daft Punk's album Random Excess Memories ( a pretty good album I must say), I've been in thinking mode about making some changes. We all have to make some changes in our lives, it maybe professional, spiritual, or even personal. For me its healthy choices. I'm … Continue reading MAKING HEALTHY BODY CHANGES