Thoughts on Paris…..

November 22, 2015

Just got back from visiting family over the weekend. I’ve kept prayers on those victims in Paris, France. Since the terror attacks in Paris, the world has been on edge. It really just boggles me how one person or a group of people just kill other people for no reason or a reason we find ridiculous. My family and I were talking about how people may or may not want to travel, because of these recent attacks. My brother said that that’s what the terrorists are doing and they’re doing it well: to bring terror to, to bring fear to the public.

I just wish that terrorism doesn’t exist. I know that I’m not the only one who wants that wish to be a reality. Of course we’ve seen people put the French flag on their Facebook profile photo and this has become somewhat controversial for some people. I’ve read one article from a college student, stating why she refuses to put the flag on her profile photo and other people are voicing the same reason. Seriously? What’s the big deal anyway? That’s your choice, but that doesn’t mean the rest of them are gonna follow suit. I understand, but these people need to take a chill pill. I have no problem with those who are putting the flag on their profile photo. Those who are doing this, want to show support, to honor those who were killed (Of course some folks are having problems removing the flag from their profile photo).

I don’t need to put the French flag on my profile photo. I feel better just praying for those victims, not only in Paris, but in Syria, and other countries suffering from terrorism.

I feel like this, these cowards may be putting terror into us, but they fail to realize that we are not going to tolerate it. For those who feel they don’t want to travel, that’s you, but there are still places I want to travel. God has watched over us and He will continue to do so.






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