The Heart

July 27, 2015

Wanted to share a poem I wrote back in April of 1999, when I was 24 yrs old. It’s called The Heart.



The heart contains many things
Things that are meant to be told and things that are meant to be sacred
It keeps secrets locked deep within
So deep, people are not able to break through
The heart is the window to the soul and spirit of a person
People have many sides to their heart
One side is pure and innocent
The other is dark and evil
The other part is curious, playful, and even mysterious
The heart is full of joy, tears, pain, and sadness
All the things the heart has
It can take the toughest blow and sometimes…it can’t
Do you know your heart?
Do you really know?
No….no one really knows their heart
Only God Himself knows

L. Richelle Murry

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