I Refuse to Worry…..

July 25, 2015


A regular work week has passed and I’m glad. I’m always happy when the weekend is here. Even thought I only worked four days, it still kinda feels like a worked a full five days.

Worry. That’s what we do best and we try not to do, but unfortunately we do. I try not worry about the small stuff, I try not to worry about the even bigger stuff.

When you worry, there’s stress and stress can kill. I don’t know why we worry. Maybe it’s just a human thing. It’s in our DNA. Even when I pray, I try not to worry, but it just creeps up. It’s like a gospel song I’ve heard many times before, if you’re gonna pray don’t worry, if you’re gonna worry, don’t pray. It’s the truth. Why even pray when we worry? We’re wasting our breath and our prayers our in vain.

It’s really something how worry can effect daily life. It’s like a virus, it just takes over our thought process. We’re so consumed, we can’t function in our professional or personal lives. I’ve met people who worry only little, then there are those who constantly worry themselves to death. I have a co-worker who not only worries, but she’s also the most noisiest person I’ve ever met!

It was around Thursday night and I was working, cleaning the one of the main offices and that’s when she came in. I thought she wanted to get the main key to open one of the rooms in the building, but no…she asked this: “I was wondering if you ever empty the coffee maker?” Why, I asked. It was one of those coffee makers with the single filters. She took the used single filter and put it in the trash! I was just like, why you wanna know? Besides this person throws away the filter himself and if he wanted to tell us to empty the coffee maker ok, but there’s been no word. I told her later not to ever do that again and that because of her stupid nosiness (I didn’t tell her that sentence) , I would get in trouble! “Oh….I hadn’t thought about that.” That’s a lie and she knew better. That office is not hers and she has no right to touch people’s stuff. Why even worry about it? She worries about the most insignificant things and eavesdrop on people’s conversations, even if it’s personal. It’s really sad. I told her she needs to worry about her job and what she’s doing. Stop worrying about others. Focus on what you’re doing.

I don’t mean to say that, but it’s the truth. I know I’ll get a headache when I worry. It’s just not healthy. It really ruffled me up. I’m sure some of you work with people who are just like that and it probably drives you batshit (sorry, but it came out didn’t it) crazy sometimes, but it is what it is.

If we stop worrying so much, maybe the world would be better, but it’ll take a good long while for that to happen.



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