Doctor’s Appointments……

June 14, 2015

Last Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment. It seems my readings from the last blood work indicated that my liver was abnormal. What does that mean? Well, that couldn’t be answered so on June 11, I had to go to St. Francis for digestive disorder. Digestive Disorder? Really? The doctor there, who by the way was really handsome…cute, told me he would need to do some blood work to figure out the cause. All the questions that were asked to me:

Have I had any discomfort in the abdominal area? Any internal bleeding and so forth? NO. NO. NO. Now here’s the thing, I had blood work before, since February of this year, but nothing like this. Of course when you take medication for high blood pressure, Prilosec for heartburn, those can make the liver abnormal.

I had my mom with me, so she can know what’s going on with her eldest child. The words that concerned me were bone and taking more blood. Haven’t I given enough blood? Of course I won’t know for a few weeks. I was told to go to another part of the hospital so they can get some blood work. I get there and the nurse, with the nastiest attitude, told me I had to Lab Corp, because my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I was told this twice. I will get to the bottom of that. Lab Corp is in another part of town. Great. Once there they got my blood and that was it.

I was just glad that it was over. For the last few months it’s been blood work, among other things. I do know this: by His stripes I am healed. Most of the time these doctors just want one thing: Money. I don’t go back to my regular doctor till August for you guess it more blood work and I want to know what mess they’re gonna tell me.

Sometimes I wonder if all this is worth it. I understand it’s for my health, but it can be frustrating and irritating.





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