David & Floree Adams…..You Are Missed

February 28, 2015 Just wanted to put this into words, short, but sweet.   To my late maternal grandparents David and Floree Adams......you are missed. Not a day goes by that we think of you, the memories you have left behind The months of January and February are the hardest, because these months are your birth … Continue reading David & Floree Adams…..You Are Missed

Throw Your Fears Into the Fire….

February 14, 2015 Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoying the weekend as always. If you're wondering what this post is all about, I'm gonna tell you. A few weeks ago I received an email from a lady name Heather Von St. James.    At the age of 36, not long after the birth of her daughter Lily, Heather … Continue reading Throw Your Fears Into the Fire….